Hi Im Pam

Pam Yoder

My name is Pam Yoder. I am a Yoga Instructor!

I’m an adaptable yoga teacher who works with beginner and intermediate yogis, no matter what shape they’re in! I learned yoga myself through private lessons, and am comfortable with working one-on-one in any situation. I also teach group lessons.

My teacher training was through a program that focused on the therapeutic and gentle side of yoga. J. Brown was my teacher and the studio was an accredited school through the Yoga Alliance. Certified in October of 2014, I have been teaching and learning continuously since!

Early Stages

I didn’t start practicing yoga until my mid-thirties. I had no idea how to start. A friend recommended a yoga teacher who came to my apartment. So, once a week at 6 am Stephanie started coming to my place. She even brought a mat for me to use and helped me pick the one I still have. It’s my favorite!

She taught me the basics, child’s pose, down dog, tree. It was a whole new world for me. As I got stronger, we advanced. I also became less stressed, and experienced less pain in general, I also stopped tripping when I walked up stairs, and had better balance.

My theory is that your physical body is mechanical to an extent. Like your car. If you just ran your car and never maintained it – it would freeze up, and stop working as well. The body has the same needs. As we age, we stiffen up – gravity literally pulls us down. So the saying “Use it or Lose it” applies here.

After I learned the basics, knew how to dress correctly to practice poses, and understood the experience around a yoga class, I started taking classes at studios in the area. In 2014,  I began my teacher training.

Career Start

I now teach personal/private yoga in people’s homes – and I love it because this is how I started! I enjoy bringing my knowledge to a safe place for a person to explore if they like yoga, if they feel it will help them move with confidence and ease into life.

I just wanted to let you know that where you are is the perfect place to start. And now is the perfect time! Consider getting started with a personal session, or contact me if you’d like some advice about finding a studio in your area to get started – there are a lot of great options in every community!

You don’t have to flexible to practice yoga.

You practice yoga to BECOME flexible!


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